Frequently Asked Question

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How do I register my company?

Once you register as a RightsTrade member, you will be asked to create a new company profile or associate your profile to an already registered company. The information you provide will help us vet your company. Once your company application has been verified and approved, you will become the company administrator.

What can a company administrator do?

As a company administrator you will be allowed to edit your company profile and settings, assign roles, approve membership requests, remove members from your company, and define and edit notifications that every company member receives.

How do I become a company administrator?

When registering your company for the first time, you will automatically become the company administrator. You can also be assigned as company administrator by other company administrators.

How can I edit/update my company profile?

Only company administrators are allowed to edit company profiles and settings. You can edit your company profile by accessing the "Company Profile" menu. From here you will be able to edit all fields except for "Company Name" and "Company Activities." You can contact us at info@rightstrade.com and we will vet those fields.

How do I register my user account?

Any entertainment industry executive can register for a free RightsTrade account.To register and provide more information about your company and its activities or associate your profile to an existing company, please follow this link: https://rightstrade.com/ui/Pages/Join/RegisterEmail.aspx

How do I get started as a seller?

While you can register for free as a seller on RightsTrade, if you would like to list your titles and start sharing and screening your content on the platform you will need to select a subscription package. Please contact us at info@rightstrade.com to get started.

How much does it cost to screen and sell on RightsTrade?

There are no transaction fees for any deal you complete on the platform. You keep 100% of your sales.

In order to screen and sell on RightsTrade, you must be an active subscriber. Subscription tiers on RightsTrade depend on the size of your catalog. Contact us at info@rightstrade.com for more information and to get started.

Can I use RightsTrade without being associated to a company?

As an online marketplace of vetted and trusted industry professionals, we encourage all users to associate themselves with an already registered company or to register their company on our site. We want to ensure the integrity and reliability of the RightsTrade marketplace. Although you can postpone this step, as a user with no associated company you will not be able to access all of the RightsTrade features.

Can I share or transfer my account?

As an online marketplace of vetted and trusted industry professionals we want to make sure that you know who you are dealing with. Accounts are personal and may not be shared or transferred without our permission. Doing so is in conflict with the Terms & Conditions of your registration. You can contact us at info@rightstrade.com for more information.

Can I have more than one account?

Each member account is associated to an email address and a member company, which will require the approval of the company administrator. You can only have multiple accounts associated with different companies as long as you provide separate emails and receive the required permissions from the corresponding company administrators.

How do I know if I am considered a seller or a buyer under RightsTrade criteria?

If you are a content owner, rightsholder, or authorized sales representative in the business of licensing media distribution rights, you are a seller. If you are a member of a vetted company that is in the business of acquiring media rights to distribute or sub-distribute in at least one audio-visual medium, you are a buyer. If you are representing a film festival, a media outlet or any other business related to the media and entertainment industry, there is a place for you on RightsTrade. By generating your company profile, you and your organization will be searchable entities within the platform. Any seller will be able to send you screeners.