Orientation Week 2018

The first week of the school year starts off with activities that serve as an orientation to prepare students for the upcoming school year. One of the highlights of the week is an event that merges multiple Academic Advisor (AA) classes to band together and think of a group performance before the closing event. By merging multiple AA classes together, the school aims to break the barriers between freshmen, sophomores, and seniors, which is something that not a lot of other schools do during their orientation week.

The overarching theme for this year is sports, emphasizing the recent World Cup and the upcoming ASEAN Games. During the performance, combined AA classes are required to wear sports themed attires such as jerseys from the participants of the 2018 World Cup are seen being worn by students and their academic advisors.

UPH College is proud to see both students and teachers work together and showcase their creativity to present such astounding performances and concluded its orientation week with dashes of color, fun, and fellowship.

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