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UPH College University Fair 2018

UPH College continues to look for many ways to support our students to be better prepared for university, career, and life. This year, UPH College organized a University Fair on October 19, 2018 where we invited the representatives of 30 organizations and universities in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom to share about education opportunities that are available in various universities and countries. There were also information sessions conducted by the universities and organizations throughout the day, as well as career talks by a number of professionals in various field of work that may give valuable insights about the prospects of different careers.

In addition to the universities that came on October 19, there were 15 universities from Canada that came to UPH College on October 22, and several universities from Europe and Japan that came at the beginning of October to share with our students.

We believe that it is an invaluable opportunity for the students to gain information and knowledge that will help them in making informed decisions about their future plans.

Written by: UPHC Student Writer

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