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Sports Day 2018 - Water War: Defence of The Alliances

Sports Day 2018 UPH College: Water War

Monday, 10 September 2018

This year’s Sports Day began with a devotion by Mr. Steve Metcalfe, followed by the symbolic apple biting which has been a tradition in every Sports Day at UPH College. Afterwards, each house – Elijah, Daniel, Jonah, and Moses presented their cheers with great enthusiasm and passion.

The next event of the day is the games to score points to win an advantage for the Water War. From multiple game stations, the house of Elijah managed to get the first place and got the greatest positional advantage for the Water War.

Now, the main event which is the Water War is up. The loud horn signals the start of the battle. The fought well to gain victory for their house. There are five roles that students can take, the gunners to shoot other gunners, the blacksmiths to reload water ammunition, the builders to build a fortress for the queen, the healers to heal and revive the gunners that lost their lives in the battle, and the queen to gain victory by taking the flag of the enemy.

After a long, exhausting, and grueling combat, finally, the house of Daniel claimed their victory by gaining the flag. But sportsmanship is the most important part of this battle and this event shows that UPH College students can deal with defeats sportively.

Then, the next event is the record-breaking exercise, in which some students attempt to break records in exercises, such as the beep test, chin-ups, push-ups, sit and reach, and plank. The students are in awe because one of their friends manage to break the 20-minute record for male planks.

The last event of the day is the Maumere and configuration dance. Through this event, students learn to embrace Indonesian culture and achieve unity throughout 1200 students and teachers. The students kept their efforts to do their best up to their limits, and we can see that the dance was a show of hard work by all the school members.

Finally, the Sports Day ended with an announcement of Daniel as the victorious house and everyone prayed to thank God for His grace that the events run really well. We believe that through the next house events that we will have in the future, we will continue to grow together in the spirit of unity.

Written by Nikolas (Grade 11) and Armando Vallentino (Grade 12)

Edited by Joy Milliaan (Grade 12)

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